Stonewall’s School Champion Bronze Award

The Belvedere Academy was recently elated to receive Stonewall’s School Champion Bronze Award in recognition of its proactive approach towards inclusion and support of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. 

Stonewall School Champions Award is run by the Stonewall organisation, who provide support for LGBT people. The bronze award focuses on schools where gender equality and diversity is celebrated, and understanding and celebrating difference, including different families, is embedded within the curriculum

The award also focuses on our work to challenge and tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and language, and to help all of our children to understand why it is important to be tolerant and respectful of all people, linking in with our ethos as an academy.

Megan Johnson, The Belvedere Academy’s Equality and Diversity lead remarked, “It has been a very rewarding process to prepare and apply for this award, seeing staff and students work together as a whole school community. The Belvedere Academy is such an inclusive and supportive place of education and we truly value making our students well-rounded and accepting individuals. We embrace and celebrate the diversity that we have here and it is fantastic to have that recognised by Stonewall, such a renown LGBT rights organisation.”

Further developments are planned for this academic year, when the school will look more closely at how inclusive the wider curriculum is of LGBT people and topics, and seek to raise the general level of awareness across the school about transgender people and issues in society as part of its broader aim to celebrate diversity, hopefully gaining the School Champion Silver Award in the process.

Investor in People - 30th April 2010

On 30th April 2010, The Belvedere Academy was recognised as achieving the Investors in People standard.

This prestigious award celebrates the immense work over the last three years by the Principal and his teams – both teaching and support staff, to ensure that robust leadership and management structures are in place.

The report states that since “the Academy has come into existence and with this and the appointment of the Principal and his new leadership team, there are many examples of improvements that have been made to the way in which people are led, managed and developed.” The full report can be downloaded via the link at the bottom of this webpage

The amount of time and effort that has been devoted to developing the organisational structure has resulted in more than just the recognition of this award. Effective leadership and management and a shared vision at all levels, inevitably facilitates the best possible provision in the classroom.

And finally...the Investors in People framework demands continuous improvement – with this in mind, the Academy will be going for the Investors in People Gold standard during the next academic year!!

Liverpool Inclusion Charter Mark

The Belvedere Academy has embraced considerable change from being a fee-paying, highly selective independent school, three years ago to being a government funded, inclusive school today.

This has meant a complete change of culture; a “turn round” in staff and community attitudes; the acquisition of new knowledge and skills and the adoption of new systems and working practices.  The transformation has been monumental.

Admissions now take place according to inclusive principles and the resulting changes in the pupil population (with additional needs and a wider range of abilities) has resulted in the adoption of flexible working practices.

All this has been achieved with the maintenance of very high academic standards and the notion of what it means to be a “Belvedere girl” has remained unchanged.  To establish an inclusive culture and achieve such a level of inclusive practice in just three years is to be highly commended and celebrated.

The full report can be downloaded via the link at the bottom of this webpage

Artsmark Gold

We are delighted that Arts Council England has awarded our school its prestigious Artsmark Gold Award. This is in recognition of all the fantastic work that goes on in Art, Drama, Music and Dance.

Artsmark is a national award scheme managed by Arts Council England that recognises schools with a high level of provision in the arts. The award is open to all schools and lasts for three years.
As an Academy we had to demonstrate our commitment to the wider development of young people and teachers and to raising the profile of arts in the school and the local community.

To achieve Artsmark we had to undergo a detailed audit of our Arts provision. We could have been awarded one of three awards: Artsmark, Artsmark Silver and Artsmark Gold.

This is an amazing achievement and an acknowledgement of our deep commitment to the arts and their continued development at the Academy. A special word of thanks to Ms S. Bell, Miss Poole, Mrs Deeley and Miss L. Bell for all their hard work in putting together a fantastic bid.

Please support us at arts based events- you will be amazed at the standard of skill that our students display across the arts spectrum.


International School Award

The International School Award (ISA) is an accreditation scheme which recognises curriculum-based international work in schools.
At The Belvedere Academy we recognise that an international dimension in education is an increasingly important part of agendas such as Every Child Matters and Community Cohesion; it supports the cultural heritage of our teachers, learners and local community leading to positive learning across the academy.
We are delighted to announce that we have now been awarded the Intermediate International Schools Award.  This category is awarded to schools that:
• Have more substantial curriculum-based international activities and have started to work with international partner school(s).
• Have a number of teachers from a range of subjects who have begun to integrate global issues and international awareness into their lessons.
• Organise whole school activities such as a European Languages week or world projects.
• Provide opportunities for students to exchange emails and letters or video conference with pupils in another country.
• Offer visits abroad and international exchanges or teacher study visits.

We are now planning to achieve the Full ISA and will submit plans to the awarding body in November 2010.


Eco Schools

The Eco-Schools programme provides a simple framework to enable The Belvedere Academy to analyse its operations and become more sustainable. The Award that we hold supports the Science specialism that Belvedere has.
By following the programme, our academy will become an even more stimulating place in which to learn, whilst also reducing the environmental impact of the whole academy on the community.


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