Physical Education is essential to the academic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical development of the whole person.  It provides the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and promotes character building, co-operation and self esteem.

Physical Education educates pupils through the use of the body and its movement.  It aims to develop physical competence so that pupils are able to move efficiently, effectively and safely and understand what they are doing.  It is a way of learning through action, awareness and observation.

At Belvedere we aim to deliver a balanced programme which provides the pupils with opportunities to promote physical development and competence.  We encourage all pupils to participate fully in all activities to enhance their understanding of key concepts through movement.  We understand that sport is not for everyone so we encourage involvement in other roles such as management, coaching, leadership and officiating.  We strive for each pupil to achieve their potential and experience success within PE.  Lessons are differentiated to ensure everyone is challenged and can achieve.

We aim to give all pupils the opportunity to extend their range of physical skills and develop their proficiency as well as appreciating the benefits of participation.  Through physical education, we aim to develop interpersonal and problem-solving skills, develop personal qualities such as self esteem, confidence, tolerance and empathy and help forge links between the school and the community.

Department Courses

Lower School:

Schemes of work in line with the National Curriculum

Key Stage 4:

GCSE Physical Education (AQA)

Key Stage 5:

Pearson BTEC Sport Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Sport (Edexcel)


Enrichment and Competitions

Our extensive Enrichment Programme offers opportunities for pupils to get involved in sport as well as fitness activities at lunch times and after school. We offer Sports teams practices and sport for all clubs. We participate in local and national competitions in a variety of activities.  The Enrichment timetable is split into two seasons (Sept-April and April-July). 

Sports Teams and Clubs

Netball, Rounders, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Lacrosse, Dance, Cross Country, Fitness, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Handball, Football, Gaelic Football, Revision, Volleyball, Zumba, Athletics, Benchball, Dodgeball, Hockey, short tennis, Leadership, Trampolining and Swimming.

PE Events

Interform Competitions

Sports Awards Evening

Staff v Pupils Sports competitions

Sport/Comic Relief activities

Well-being and Charity Sports activities

National School Sports Week PE activities



GDST Northern Sports Rally

GDST Netball Weekend to Shropshire

Wimbledon Championships  

Rock and River Outdoor Pursuits

Live sports – Football, Netball


2018/2019 Achievements

Senior Netball League and City Champions

Year 11 Netball League and City Champions

GDST Northern Rally Senior Volleyball Champions

GDST Northern Rally Senior Rounders Champions

KS3 Cross Country Champions

KS3 Swimming Champions

Athletics champions – 100m, 200m 300m and 1500m



Department Staff

Miss J. Scott - Head of PE

Mrs A. Beddard - Teacher of PE & Head of Lower School

Mrs L. McAnespy - Teacher of PE

Miss D. Blundell - Teacher of PE


Coaching Staff

Target Football Coaches

Andy Clark – England Handball Coach

Jenny Morris – Dance and Cheerleading Coach