English & Media

English & Media


The Belvedere Academy’s English and Media Department are proud to offer an innovative, challenging and varied curriculum for all of our students from Year 7 to Year 13. We are a highly-trained department with expertise in a wide range of academic areas and are committed to instilling our students with a life-long passion for learning.


All students in the Lower School follow detailed, differentiated Schemes of Work which are continually reviewed by the department. These Schemes of Work offer students a foundation of knowledge and skills they will build upon in their GCSE study. They include: Narrative and Media, The Supernatural, Introduction to Shakespeare, Celebrating Identity, Frankenstein, Travel Writing and many more. Our Year 7 students also participate in an Accelerated Reader programme, taking quizzes on books throughout the year and earning certificates and prizes as they do so.


In Year 9-11, students will undertake two GCSEs in both English Language and Literature, with the added option to take Media Studies. In Language, students will sit two papers at the end of Year 11, ‘Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing’ and ‘Writer’s Viewpoints and Perspectives.’ In Literature, students will also sit two papers at the end of Year 11, ‘Shakespeare and the 19th Century Novel’ and ‘Modern Texts and Poetry.’ Our Media Studies department offers students the chance to study a wide range of Close Study Products in preparation for the exam, as well as a practical Non-Examined Assessment element where students will create media products of their own to fulfil a set brief.


At Sixth Form, we offer English Language (AQA), English Literature (AQA Specification B) and Media Studies (AQA).  All three subjects have a high uptake in Year 12, and we seek to keep class sizes small in order to maximise our students’ outcomes.



The English and Media department also offer a wide range of Enrichments and extra-curricular initiatives. These range from university taster sessions to trips to the theatre and spooky ghost walks to inspire Year 7 in their Supernatural writing. We promote events such as World Book Day, National Poetry Day, LGBT Pride and regularly enter our students into GDST competitions such as the Chrystall Public Speaking Prize and the GDST Creative Writing competition. In addition, all staff members are responsible for two extra-curricular Enrichments, including diverse areas such as Debate Club, Creative Writing Club, Photography Club and Badminton Club.

Department Staff

Miss H. McMahon - Curriculum Leader of English & Media

Miss K. Smith - Assistant Curriculum Leader of English and Media

Mrs J. Jones - Vice Principal, English Teacher

Mr T. Lamb - Subject Leader of Media, English Teacher

Miss A. Dickinson - English Teacher

Miss E. Speed - Assistant Vice Principal, English Teacher

Mr H. Woolley - English Teacher

Miss M. Johnson - English Teacher

Miss C. Brooks - English Teacher


Please contact Miss McMahon for detailed curriculum information at h.mcmahon@belvedereacademy.net