English & Media

English & Media


The aim of the English and Media department is to encourage the exploration and appreciation of the English Language and Literacy in all forms, and to inspire students to develop a lifelong passion for learning.
All students at KS3 follow detailed, differentiated Schemes of Work which are continually reviewed by the department.  The school year is broken down into half-term topics of study that support both the National Curriculum and the APP assessment focuses. These include: the novel, writing, language, drama and poetry. The Assessment Focuses are tested in the form of a baseline and summative assessment, which are used to map individual progress.

Years 7-11 are all taught in ability groups and, in the Spring term of Year 9, students begin studying for their GCSEs in English Language and Literature. At the moment, students take their GCSE English Literature and GCSE English Language at the end of Year 11.

Media Studies GCSE is a popular option subject and continues to grow, as do our facilities for this subject, which include a dedicated media suite and high quality filming equipment.

At Sixth Form, we offer English Language (AQA Specification A), English Literature (AQA Specification B) and Media Studies (AQA).  The uptake of these subjects is extremely high, especially in Year 12, but individual class sizes rarely exceed 20.  At present, all members of the department teach an A Level class.


We offer many opportunities to see live performances of texts and we run A-Level study days, including taster sessions with Liverpool Hope.  There are also KS3 and KS4 Media clubs including: Stop-Motion Animation Club, Cartoon Club, Film Trailer Club and Journalism Club. We run GCSE A* Support, GCSE revision, Debating Club, A Level Linguistic boosters, Reading Clubs and A-Level coursework sessions to support achievement in English. Outside of the curriculum, members of the department also run other clubs such as Badminton Club and European Youth Parliament.

Department Staff

Miss H. McMahon - Curriculum Leader of English & Media

Miss K. Smith - Assistant Curriculum Leader of English and Media

Miss E. Speed - Assistant Principal, KS5 English and Media Coordinator, English Teacher

Mr T. Lamb - Subject Leader of Media, English Teacher

Miss A. Dickinson - English Teacher

Mr H. Woolley - English Teacher

Miss M. Johnson - English Teacher

Miss C. Brooks - English Teacher


Please contact Miss McMahon for detailed curriculum information at h.mcmahon@belvedereacademy.net