Modern Foreign Languages

We are proud of our Modern Foreign Languages Faculty and embrace our Languages Specialism and the results which our girls achieve.

In the Sixth Form we have AS and A2 groups studying French and Spanish, with a high rate of our students continuing to study languages at university. For the last few years the majority of our Year 12 linguists have enjoyed a week’s work experience in France or Spain or even in both countries in some cases. At KS4 all girls study either French or Spanish to GCSE with the top set doing both by sitting their major language in Year 10 and their minor language in Year 11. At Key Stage 3 all girls study French and Spanish: one language for two hours per week and the other for one hour per week. Spanish and French alternate in being the major language with each new cohort.

Visits and links abroad are seen as an important part of language learning and trips take place on a regular basis. In the last year there have been trips to Paris and Barcelona for KS3 and KS4 as well as the 6th form work experience in France and Spain.

In MFL, our objectives are to encourage positive attitudes to foreign language learning and to the speakers of foreign languages and to enable students to enjoy using the target language for the purpose of practical communication. Furthermore, we aim to offer insights into and promote better understanding of other countries and cultures thus encouraging the development of tolerance, empathy and consideration for others. Finally, we wish to provide our students with lifelong learning and for them to be confident communicators when they leave Belvedere.


At Belvedere all the students in Years 8 and 9 study Latin in their colour groups for one hour per fortnight. The course is loosely based on the Cambridge Latin course and aims to give the students the basics of Latin grammar, syntax and vocabulary together with an understanding of Roman civilisation. The aims are to: equip students with an enhanced understanding of grammatical concepts in order to increase progress in MFL; develop literacy for other subjects in order to increase progress in MFL and to provide a grounding in the main aspects of Ancient Roman civilisation with reference to the 1st Century CE and promoting historical understanding of the period of the Roman Empire, a key epoch of European history.

In the language component, emphasis is placed on understanding the function of words within a sentence with regular reference to French and Spanish, both of which are studied by all students. English vocabulary is improved by working out the meaning of new words from their Latin sources. As Latin is a dead language, reading is the skill practised with regular practice in translation and in extracting the main details from a text.

Lessons are varied, using a range of resources including the text book, worksheets, video clips and songs and are delivered using a range of teaching and learning strategies. The civilisation element of the course equips the students with an understanding of how Ancient Romans lived and how their lives have impacted on how we live in the 21st Century.


We have a wide range of Enrichment activities on offer including intervention and support throughout KS3, KS4 and KS5.

We also offer fun clubs such French Film Club, Spanish Puzzles and Games, MFL Nintendo DS Club, Irish Dancing, Flamenco Dancing and Knitting.

Our students have the opportunity to learn Mandarin and Arabic at the Academy through our Enrichment provision, and we can arrange for them to sit GCSE and A Levels exams in these languages.

Department Staff

Mr S. McGovern - Curriculum Leader of MFL

Ms K. Gilmartin - Teacher of MFL

Miss N. Cosgrove - Teacher of MFL, Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Miss A. Saulnier - Teacher of MFL

Miss M. Pozo - Teacher of MFL

Miss C. Murray - Teacher of MFL, Assistant Upper School Manager

Miss S. Behrens - Teacher of Mandarin Chinese

Miss H. Lui - Mandarin Language Assistant

Miss A. Sanchez Motos- Teacher of MFL


If you require any further curriculum information please contact: 

Mr McGovern at for French

Miss Murray at for Spanish

Ms Gilmartin at for Latin