Music is universal, cultural, and individual.  It is with this understanding that The Belvedere Academy Music Department believes that every pupil should have the opportunity to receive a high quality musical education in school, regardless of grade level, ability or background.  At the heart of this goal lies a belief that the pupils here at The Belvedere Academy will achieve a personal level of understanding, appreciation and passion for music.

The Belvedere Academy boasts a busy and successful Music Department, which aims to provide musical opportunities for all girls and to encourage the development of girls’ musical talents to the highest standard possible. The Music Department comprises two large classrooms, equipped with interactive whiteboards, electronic keyboards and PCs which all include Sibelius software. The larger Music classroom also houses a grand piano and overlooks Princes Park! There are four smaller practice rooms, each with a piano!  Girls are encouraged to use these rooms for practise at breaks and lunchtimes.

Music is taught across all Key Stages.  In Key Stage 3, pupils have one lesson a week and cover a wide variety of exciting Schemes of Work including Superheroes, Space and the Universe, Film Music, Internet Sensations, Music From Around The World, Let’s Form a Girl Group, Music For a Young Generation and many more! Music is also taught at GCSE and A-Level and all follow the AQA Music specifications.


Enrichment is a strong feature of both the Academy and the Music Department and we offer many opportunities, including:
• Orchestra
• Chamber Choir (by audition)
• Pop Choir
• Voices of Belvedere (by invitation)
• The Belvlings (year 7 choir)
• String Group
• Chamber Wind Ensemble
• Junior Orchestra
• Staff Choir

And hopefully some new ones next year!
(There is talk of a “Ukulele Orchestra”)

Department Staff

Mr M. O'Keeffe - Head of Music

Mr J. Deakin - Teacher of Music