Buildings and Facilities

The Academy Buildings - Layout

Finding your way round any new building can be a challenge. All of the rooms in The Belvedere Academy are identifiable by a letter followed by a number. The letter indicates the floor, “B” for basement, “G” for ground, “F” for first and “S” for second. Students soon get used to finding their way to rooms for lessons and the dining room.

We are very proud of our historic building and particularly the new outstanding science, MFL, ICT, arts, and sports facilities which have been incorporated into our new building. We expect students joining The Belvedere Academy to respect this.

Generally subjects are grouped together around the academy, with the same subject classrooms situated next to each other.

Outline Map

Please see an outline map of the academy layout attached below, which indicates in a simple format where most subject areas are based within the academy.

Further details: