Examination Results


"Attainment in GCSE examinations has been consistently above average and significantly so in a wide range of subjects. Students do particularly well in English, science, geography, history and art."

Ofsted, 2015


“Standards of attainment in the sixth form are very high and well above average. The proportion of students reaching the highest grades in GCSE examinations is also well above that seen nationally.”
HMI, 2009 



A-Level Success 2017! Belvedere does it AGAIN!


What another fantastic year for students at Belvedere Sixth Form. With the full set of provisional results now available, the vast majority of the Y13 girls have secured their place in their first-choice University. This year 20% of all the grades were either A* or A and an amazing 80% of all grades were awarded A*-C!


These very strong results once again emphasise that Belvedere girls are some of the best and the brightest in the whole country. A-Levels are a stepping stone (a tough one!) on the way to making the very best careers a possibility and most of our students are on their way this year- again! The results stand as a testament to the dedication, hard-work and determination of our students, we are proud of you all as you move to the next stage in your lives. A huge congratulations and well-done to all of our hard-working staff and of course our parents who do so much to support the girls every day. Well done Y13- make sure you keep in-touch with everyone at Belvedere in the future.


GCSE- high flyers once again - a record breaking set of results!


Our Y11 cohort have produced a fantastic set of GCSE results this year. Although still provisional, almost 20% of all grades were A*- double the figure from last year! 93% of all grades were A*-C which compares very favourably to a national figure of 69%! Well done to all of our students, the vast majority of whom are joining us in the Sixth Form for A-Level study. Again, a huge thanks to all of our staff- teaching and support for all that you do to keep Belvedere at the top! Well done also to all of Y11 parents- no doubt you are all very proud of your daughters’ achievements- we certainly are!


You can access a fuller picture of the provisional detail below: