Year Group Curriculum Plans

"Students’ achievement is outstanding. Students make rapid progress in a wide range of subjects."
Ofsted, 2015

"Students are given excellent care, guidance and support and staff go to great lengths to ensure that they maintain good progress. They develop into confident and articulate young women."
HMI, 2009

We aim to prepare our students for adult life by helping them to fulfil their potential in all areas.  We encourage each student to achieve her personal best.

We recognise the need for a broad and balanced curriculum and are aware of the vital contribution made by pastoral and extracurricular activities to the development of the whole person.  It is important that students are given every opportunity to be part of a team, to take responsibility, to develop a wide range of interests and to be of service to others.  All students are expected to participate in extra-curricular activities to develop educational interests and to promote independence and inter-personal links with students in other year groups.

The curriculum is delivered through teaching and learning across all subject areas.  The timetable operates on a two week cycle of 50 one-hour periods.  All departments are required to have schemes of work within their departmental handbooks.  These are updated annually.  Every subject makes a contribution to the learning experience; however the aim is to present a coherent curriculum rather than a series of unconnected learning experiences.  To this end cross-curricular themes are encouraged and particularly those related to the international dimension.

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