Uniform & Equipment Policy - Guidance for Parents

Regulation uniform for students in Years 7 – 11
The regulation royal blue Belvedere Academy blazer with crest, which can be purchased from our uniform suppliers, must be worn by all girls during school hours. All girls must wear a blazer on the journey to and from the academy, whatever form of transport they use.
The regulation Belvedere Academy tie, in academy colours, worn traditionally at a visible full length outside of the blouse or shirt, with the top shirt button fastened must be worn by all girls during school hours.
Blouses and shirts                                   
A regulation long-sleeved, light blue blouse to be worn with the skirt and blazer.
A regulation light blue short-sleeved blouse to be worn with the skirt and blazer.  No tie is worn with the summer blouse.
Regulation navy blue available from our suppliers, which must be of at least a reasonable knee length.  No other skirts are acceptable.

Regulation navy blue trousers available from our suppliers. No other trousers are acceptable.

Tights and socks
Socks should be plain navy.  Tights should be plain navy or black.

Regulation plain navy-blue cardigan or plain navy-blue pullover with The Belvedere Academy crest on.

Coats and rainwear(Optional)
A plain black or navy blue full-length coat, plain full-length raincoat or black or navy blue regulation cagoule.
NB.  No other coats, anoraks, etc, are acceptable in any colour.

School bag
The bag must be navy-blue or black, waterproof and must close to protect books and A4 files.

Regulation flat, close fitting shoes in all black leather (no canvas shoes are permitted)

Hair, nails and jewellery
Long hair should be tied back or secured with dark coloured accessories. There should be no inappropriate hair colours. Acrylic nails are not allowed. One pair of conventionally placed plain ear studs is allowed. No other jewellery apart from a watch should be worn.

If a hijab is worn, it must be plain navy-blue.

A regulation scarf in Belvedere Academy colours, available from the academy.

Lesson Specific Uniform
A full length overall to be worn in Science, Art, and Technology.

Physical Education
• PE Top
• Skort
• Shorts
• Sports socks
• Hooded Top
• Tracksuit bottoms

• One pair of appropriate sports trainers (no converse)
• One mouth guard

All personal belongings, including blazers, PE kit, shoe-bag etc. MUST be clearly marked with the owner’s name.
Please note, the official 2016-17 academy suppliers for any uniform items containing the academy badge are:

John Lewis
70 South John Street
Liverpool, L1 8B
Telephone: 0844 693 1746
Website: https://www.johnlewis.com/belvedere-academy-girls'-uniform-years-7-11/p89010008

Liverpool Schoolwear
298 St Mary’s Road (continuation of Aigburth Road)
Liverpool, L19 0NQ
Telephone: 0151 345 3797
Email: info@liverpoolschoolwear.co.uk