Attendance & Punctuality - Guidance for Parents

Students who are not here are not learning! Attendance is a key factor in success at The Belvedere Academy. The academy and the Government place great emphasis on full attendance.

Students should be at the academy by 8.30am. If your daughter is absent, we ask that you telephone the academy Pastoral Office before 8.30am on 0151-727-1284.

Students not in the academy, whose parents/carers have not informed us of a reason for absence, will receive a telephone call or text message to check that the absence is genuine on the first day that they are away.

On the day that a student returns, a note must be brought in to explain the absence. Any unexplained absence is recorded as truancy.

The academy is bound by DfE regulations. The DfE now regards all unauthorised absence as truancy, aided and abetted by parents.

Absence is classified as unauthorised in the following cases:

  • If the reason for absence is unacceptable to the academy
  • If the student does not bring a written explanation of absence from a parent
  • If the student misses a lesson without the permission of the teacher
  • If the student leaves the school site without the written permission of a parent and a member of staff

Unauthorised absence is noted in a student’s individual school record and has to be reported to the DfE.

Leave of Absence

We ask that you arrange medical and dental appointments after the academy day or in holidays wherever possible. If your daughter needs to leave during the day, or arrives late due to such an appointment, a note or the appointment card should be brought in.

Individual Lesson Monitor

The Belvedere Academy places the safety of all students as its priority, and as such we take steps to ensure that all students are accounted for throughout the day. All of our staff have access to computers in lessons that are linked to our SIMS Network, enabling us to conduct individual registers for all subject lessons throughout the day. This means that in addition to the main AM Registration Period, there are 5 other times throughout the day when your child will be registered. We will regularly monitor and track student’s patterns of attendance and punctuality via use of this system. We will also notify parents if we have any concerns regarding their daughter’s record of attendance or punctuality to lessons.



Lateness to the academy is unacceptable and is punishable by a detention unless the student has a valid reason and a parental note or telephone call. All students arriving late should sign in at the Pastoral Office.

Lateness to lessons is monitored by staff using our Lesson Monitor System, and students who are regularly late are referred to the Head of Year 7 or a Key Stage Manager.

Attendance and punctuality are monitored by the academy, the Local Education Authority, and the DfE.


Keep Kids Safe – First Day of Absence Calling

Of paramount importance to our academy is the safety of the students and effective communication with parents and carers. We also acknowledge the importance of the Government’s ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda in promoting child safety, and providing peace of mind to parents and carers.

In order to address this area we will contact you directly if your daughter is marked absent at morning registration. If your daughter is absent and you have not already notified us of this you may receive a text or voice message informing you of the absence and requesting that you either text or call the academy to explain this. This will ensure that the reason for the absence is known as soon as possible and alert you if your daughter is not in the academy when she should be.

The system will securely send text messages to mobiles, automated voice broadcasts to landlines and e-mails direct to you. In addition, we have developed the system so that it may also be used to contact, notify or update you quickly via text messages, voice messages and e-mail of important events in the academy. This simple communication system allows the academy to communicate cost effectively and efficiently, and provide lots of benefits to you as parents and carers, such as advance warning or reminders for notification of parents’ evenings, reports being sent out, exam reminders, advice on detentions, start of term and academy closure dates etc. We also have the security of being able to quickly contact you should an emergency arise such as a broken down school bus, late return of a trip or visit, etc… the possibilities are endless.

In order to operate this communication system, we require details of your home, mobile or work telephone numbers. You may also supply an e-mail address where we will be able to contact you. Please note, these numbers should be contact numbers for parents, step-parents, and foster parents only. We do not require your other emergency telephone numbers for this system.

The Belvedere Academy will aim to contact you on the first day of your daughter’s absence. It will also provide an early warning system should your daughter not arrive at the academy. As always, your child’s safety is our main concern.

Your daughter will be automatically included on the system. Should you prefer not to be notified that your daughter is absent from the academy, however, or if you have any questions about this method of communication please contact the Pastoral Administrator to discuss this further.