Belvedere Bake Off 2016

Last Friday 2nd December was a day not to be missed at the Belvedere Academy as we hosted our very own whole school Bake Off Competition in the grand Library. Excitement and anticipation spread like wild fire around the school as a magnitude of cakes made their way to register for entry. This year’s theme, ‘Children’s Fantasy Characters’, was a fitting challenge to all of those who dared to add some life and magic into their mixing bowls. With the standard so impeccably high, it was almost impossible to judge. Our Belvedere girls certainly did not disappoint, letting their creativity take over and imagination run wild with plentiful weird and wonderful design ideas. From ‘Harry Potters Devil’s Toad Candy Floss Cupcakes’ to ‘Winnie the Poo Wondercakes’, ‘Mermaids’ and ‘Buzz Lightyear’, the judges were in for a real sweet treat. An event in this year’s calendar that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thank you for taking part! Miss Sloan (Food and Nutrition Teacher)

“There were so many amazing cakes! The theme worked really well and helped to showcase everyone’s talent and creativity,” Hope Scannell, Year 7.

“I really liked that there were separate categories for Lower and Upper School because that made it fair,” Phoebe Jones, Year 8.

“The cake sale was a fantastic way to raise money for charity. We had so much fun during Food Enrichments making, baking and decorating cupcakes together,” Zara Chaudary, Year 10.