Gifted and Talented (G&T) Provision

A distinct and discernibly different teaching and learning programme is provided for all of our gifted and talented students. The Belvedere Academy is committed to meeting the needs of our most able students through a broad, challenging and relevant curriculum. There is a Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator who is responsible for ensuring that gifted and talented students’ talents and abilities are met by:

  • Identifying a student cohort in the top 10% of each subject as gifted and talented with the assistance of all staff, using cognitive testing data and other relevant information such as teacher assessment;
  • Ensuring that the students participate in partnership activities which complement their learning programme;
  • Providing KS3, GCSE, and AS/A Level extension classes during enrichment sessions to support and challenge the most able;
  • Providing a wide variety of extension resources to identify students within their regular classroom lessons, thus providing a ‘distinct’ curriculum for the most able to maintain levels of challenge;
  • Providing an extensive range of clubs and activities during enrichment sessions for extension both across the curriculum and in other areas.