The Belvedere Academy’s Inclusion Department is dedicated to ensuring that whole school inclusive practices are adopted by all to maintain a fully inclusive culture. The Academy creates an environment of high expectations for all of our students and encourages all to achieve their full potential.

The Academy was awarded the Inclusion Charter Mark in July 2013. This award recognises schools for their pioneering and innovative work to promote diversity and support disadvantaged children.

In order to maintain the Advanced Level of the Inclusion Charter Mark awarded to us in 2010, the Academy had to continue to demonstrate the following characteristics:
•A pro-active response to the diversity of pupil need
•Ownership of the needs of all pupils
•A solution focused attitude and excellent problem solving skills
•Strategic planning and systems which are outstanding
•Excellent partnerships with pupils, parents/carers, staff and outside agencies
•Partnership working which extends into the community

The whole of Belvedere Academy is dedicated to Inclusion and thus, within each Curriculum Area we have identified a subject teacher to act as an Inclusion representative who ensures that students who have been identified are supported within their Curriculum Area. We encourage all students to reach their full potential through the implementation of specific strategies tailored to their individual needs and thus several students follow a personalised timetable.

The Inclusion Team supports Curriculum Areas by offering both in-class support and specialist withdrawal to support literacy and numeracy.

The emotional well-being of students is vital in ensuring that all of our students can access the curriculum. As a consequence, we offer a range of support mechanisms to support students. This includes sixth form mentors, Inclusion support, a specialist counselling service and strong links to a range of outside agencies.


The general wellbeing of all students is central to our ethos here at the Belvedere Academy and as a consequence our Inclusion Department offers a range of enrichment activities.
We hold clubs for pupils across Key Stage 3 and 4 supporting: reading, maths, spelling, touch typing, friendship, social skills, homework support and problem solving.

Department Staff

Mrs J. Marshall - Assistant Vice Principal, Inclusion Manager

Ms K. Thelen - Assistant Inclusion Manager and Specialist Teacher

Mrs E. Gillies - Inclusion Learning Support Assistant

Miss E. Luong - Inclusion Learning Support Assistant & MFL Assistant

Mrs C. O'Connell - Inclusion Learning Support Assistant

Mrs R. Stoeter - SEN Learning Support Assistant

Miss E. Quayle - SEN Learning Support Assistant


If you have any enquiries relating to Inclusion please contact Mrs Marshall at

Tel: 0151 727 1284

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