Community Activities

“This is an outward looking school where staff members are proactive in developing partnerships which will benefit the community. The school links with other schools through a variety of educational activities: sports events and coaching, art and drama, reading groups etc.”
Inclusion Charter Mark – Advanced Award, 2010

The Belvedere Academy is committed to making a contribution to a cohesive society; a society in which there is a common vision, a sense of belonging and uniting values which are shared by all communities and individuals. The academy promotes a world where the diversity of people’s backgrounds and circumstances is appreciated and valued. We want to play a role in forming a society where similar life opportunities are available to all, and in which strong and positive relationships exist across cultural, social and religious differences.

The Belvedere Academy is proud to have been named ‘an outward looking school’ (report from the Inspection for the Inclusion Charter Mark, 2010), and to have formally achieved the significant awards of:

  • Investors in People Award (April 2010);
  • Inclusion Charter Mark ‘Advanced’ (May 2010);
  • Full Service Extended School Status (March 2010).

During the last academic year alone, around 130 events took place that actively involved community dimensions, either on a local, national, or international level. This on average equates to nearly four events in any school week. The events were organised across departments, Key Stages, and Curriculum areas and were made possible through the enthusiasm of the teaching staff and support staff who regard engaging with the community as a welcomed challenge and opportunity to enhance learning for all involved.

Through the wide range of community events, the students of the Belvedere Academy are given the opportunity to make a positive contribution, to discover and develop their own talents, to overcome barriers and to encounter positive role models from a wide spectrum of backgrounds.

The Belvedere Academy has begun to form as part of its Development Plans strong links and partnerships with local primary and secondary schools, local universities, public services in Liverpool, local businesses and a large number of cultural organisations in Liverpool and across the UK. In addition, the Academy has organised excursions and trips that enable its students to experience the world around them and to understand themselves as local, national and global citizens. The Belvedere Academy has also brought its students together with others from across the world through video conferencing and online competitions. At the end of each academic year, the regular timetable is routinely suspended in order to make time for meaningful and co-ordinated activities that allow the students to explore a range of cross-curricular issues inside and outside of school. This is achieved with the help of facilitators from the community and through workshops, excursions and day trips.

The extensive Enrichment programme that the academy offers is only one platform for community engagement, with community events not limited to after-lesson time. The events that bring the world into the Belvedere Academy and lead the students outside into the world have become an integral part of the academy’s ethos. They are essential for the personal and social development of our students and essential in opening young people’s minds and broadening their horizons.

Embracing and working with the community is not a one-way street; the academy wants to give some of its expertise and specialism back to others. This is why the partnerships with other schools and academies have been remarkably successful and why the number of events where we provide and share expertise and knowledge with others is growing continuously.