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Modern Foreign Languages

In MFL, we aim to develop a love of language learning in all pupils and to foster a linguistic and cultural curiosity. We endeavour to equip pupils with the skills to make links between previously studied language content and to build on prior learning. MFL aims to prepare pupils to use language to justify and express interests and opinions, along with practical language use. Our curriculum allows pupils to express themselves in a variety of tenses and moods across a wide range of subject content, with an obvious focus on literacy. We promote diversity and tolerance, as well as important skills, such as effective communication, problem solving and critical thinking. We aim to develop the pupils’ digital literacy as well as increase their cultural understanding. The MFL curriculum is engaging and pupils reflect on themes, which are highly relevant to young people and the world around them.


The Department

In MFL, we don’t mind when you make mistakes; this means learning is happening. We love teaching about foreign cultures, whether this is hosting a boulangerie française, dressing up on El Día de la Hispanidad, or participating in Kung Fu workshops. We love it even more when our pupils truly engage in the language, culture and history of French, Spanish and Chinese speaking countries. Mandarin Chinese is currently being taught to a small number of Year 11 pupils as part of a legacy agreement with the Swire Foundation. We want you to see learning a language as so much more than just grammatical conjugations. We try to share our passion for travel by taking our pupils on study trips abroad, welcoming pupils from our partner schools in France, Spain and China, and facilitating foreign work experience in Sixth Form. We want our pupils to leave our classrooms with an awareness of the world around them and the confidence to use the language in context. On y va, vamos and ?? (jia yóu).

Curriculum Related Expectations

French - Key Stage 3 

KS3 Curriculum Overview - French

French - Key Stage 4 

KS4 Curriculum Overview - French

French - Key Stage 5 

KS5 Curriculum Overview - French

Spanish - Key Stage 3

KS3 Curriculum Overview - Spanish

Spanish - Key Stage 4

KS4 Curriculum Overview - Spanish

Spanish - Key Stage 5

KS5 Curriculum Overview - Spanish

Mandarin Chinese - Key Stage 4 

KS4 Curriculum Overview - Mandarin Chinese





French Music Club

Spanish Current Affairs 

Chinese Arts and Crafts





MMU French and Spanish cinema trips

Chinese Edge Hill University trip for Chinese New Year

Chinese Music and Dance Performance

Chinese Restaurant


Mrs C. McBride - Curriculum Leader of MFL, Teacher of PSHE

Ms C. Thiery - Assistant Curriculum Leader of MFL

Mr C. Aspinall - Temporary Teacher of Spanish

Ms V. Carralcazar - Teacher of Spanish

Mr J. Lozano Lombarte - Teacher of MFL

Ms M. Pozo Such - Teacher of Spanish

Miss M. Potel - Teacher of French

Miss F. Wang - Teacher of Mandarin Chinese

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