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Today we are writing to acknowledge the voices of pupils and past pupils who have expressed concerns about their treatment whilst attending The Belvedere Academy. We are sorry that your time at Belvedere has led you to experience feelings of frustration and other feelings that some of you have shared. We are committed to hearing your voices and to investigating the circumstances that you describe. With help from the GDST, we have designed a process by which individuals can report their concerns and experiences to the academy for recording or for investigation. Details of this have been sent to parents and are available on our website. 

Now is the time for us all to work together and support each other through this difficult journey. We are committed to listening, drawing on the learning from people’s experiences and taking action to create positive change.

We have had many discussions this week with a number of our parents, with the students in our Equality and Diversity Team, with the GDST and the local authority and with the teaching unions, as well as with our local MP, Kim Johnson.

We are committed to working together to make change happen.

We have already made some plans for change and will be adding to these by incorporating learnings from our current review.

This starts with education for staff and pupils.

We will be ensuring that our staff training enables staff to develop their understanding of equality and diversity.

As part of our ongoing work on curriculum, we will establish a Curriculum Working Party which will include pupil representation and will start work before the end of this term. We will be doing this in partnership with other secondary schools in Liverpool.

We will work with GDST to explore how we can make our staff and leadership more diverse. 

We will bring more black and ethnic minority role models into school.

We will continue to revisit the systems we have in place for pupils and parents to make complaints and look at how we can use our School Council more effectively so that pupils feel more able to express themselves in our safe environment within a more open culture. 

We will work to ensure that all pupils have equal opportunities within our enrichment programmes and within their learning activities.

We will continue to mark events such as Black History Month and continue to celebrate the diversity of our school community by sharing in many religious and cultural celebrations.

Racism cannot and will not be tolerated at The Belvedere Academy.
12th June 2020 - update to parents and carers


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