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Senior Student Leadership Team

Taking the place of the traditional Head Girl Team, we have now selected our first ever Senior Student Leadership Team. This reflects our inclusive community across Belvedere Sixth Form. The Senior Student Leadership Team has been expanded to create opportunities for more students and allow them to take on new leadership roles. The team consists of the Student Principal, four Student Vice Principals and nine Senior Student Leaders. Each Senior Student Leader then has a team of prefects who, together, work closely with an allocated year group enabling them to form closer relationships with the younger years and act as role models for them throughout their school careers. The expansion of the Senior Student Leadership Team to include prefects means that more students are afforded leadership opportunities.

Senior Student Principal Raine V

Senior Student Vice Principal (Sixth Form Life) Riya S

Senior Student Vice Principal (Community) Caroline O

Senior Student Vice Principal (Charity) Milly D

Senior Student Vice Principal (Student Progress) Rosie G

Senior Student Prefect (Y6 into Y7) Isabel B

Senior Student Prefect (Y7 into Y8) Khadija Sajjad

Senior Student Prefect (Y8 into Y9) Sabina K

Senior Student Prefect (Y9 into Y10) Dylan N

Senior Student Prefect (Y10 into Y11) Della RJ 


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