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 Gemma, Y13

"Starting Sixth Form can often seem like a daunting thing as it involves more independence and more freedom. When I started Belvedere Sixth Form I was instantly met with great support and kindness from my teachers and peers which made the adjustment to Sixth Form life a lot easier. As well as great support from my friends, I also received great support from the teachers and the Sixth Form Team. Although Sixth Form is a more independent stage of school the teachers are always available to answer any questions if you are struggling and provide you with the help you need. I believe that the support and facilities available at Belvedere will really help me to achieve my goals in the future. I am confident that the Sixth Form Team will advise me throughout the next steps in Year 12/13 and provide me with the skills I need to succeed in the future."

Hope, Y13

"The idea of going to Sixth Form was quite scary at first; I'm getting older and making big and life-changing decisions. However, at Belvedere I know I'm always going to have support with whatever it is I decide to do. The staff are always on hand with advice, whether is to do with UCAS, subject specifics or personal issues, they will always find time to help. As for the students, you can't walk down a corridor without saying hi to someone or seeing a smiling face, it's more like a tightknit family than a sixth form! I genuinely enjoy coming to school because I know that someone, whether it's a student or member of staff, will always be there to support me through this time."

Charlotte, Y13

"As I enter my final year as a Belvedere student, I have really come to appreciate the uniqueness and excellence that is Belvedere. It is only when I have spoken about my experiences at this school with students from other schools, that I have realised just how special Belvedere is, and I truly don't think I would be the confident, empowered young woman that I've grown to be without Belvedere. The generosity and dedication of the teaching and support staff at the school are unparalleled, and this results in an environment where students are eager to learn and encouraged to achieve the excellence that they are more than capable of. As I leave Belvedere at the end of this year, as an emerging actor in an extremely competitive industry, this school has equipped me with all the personal qualities that I will need to succeed. I am honoured and proud to call myself a Belvedere student."

Izzy, Y12

"You can't ignore the wealth of amazing privileges of Sixth Form, especially the study periods between lessons. Developing time management and organisation is crucial from the start of Year 12, but these designated times to study or relax have been incredibly helpful and productive for me. I have taken advantage of this extra time to complete work, and continue meeting and experiencing flourishing friendships with Belvedere students and newcomers alike, and it has been a wonderful experience. "

"The opportunities of leading enrichments, performing in school shows, university programmes, my A-Level courses, and other Sixth Form privileges continue to fuel my excitement for the rest of my Sixth Form experience!"

Harriet, Y12 - Newcomer to Sixth Form

"When thinking about Sixth Forms to apply to after leaving Year 11, Belvedere was an obvious choice."

"It had a clear sense of community which shows the care it has for the students, once I joined this was made even more apparent. It was incredibly easy to make friends and the staff are extremely kind which made asking any questions I had easy. Before starting, the idea of joining a brand new school was daunting, however, this quickly became a refreshing change I’m glad I made. When thinking about things I particularly love about Belvedere, the enrichments was something that immediately came to mind. Enrichments allow you to learn new and interesting skills and if you run one yourself it creates something amazing to put on any applications in the future."

Sojoud, Y12 - Newcomer to Sixth Form

"I started as a Belvedere student in 2021, when the world as we know it was going through unknown changes, hoping to get the support I needed to peruse my academic goals, the only constant in the sea of variables around me. That is exactly what I found in the Belvedere staff that have been looking out for me from day 1."

"They have been as keen and as motivated for my progress, if not more than me. What I did not expect to find was the great balance between education and personal development with all the after school activities that are provided to us students. Within this first year, I have made a lot of important and meaningful connections that I am fully aware have shaped my life to the better, from teachers that have challenged me to go the extra mile, and friends that have pushed me to become a better version of myself. Belvedere Sixth Form has not only helped me overcome many barriers I was not even aware I faced, but also inspired me to do more to lift other people, helping them on their own personal journey."

Life in The Belvedere Academy

Life in The Belvedere Academy Sixth Form is fast paced, hard work yet immensely rewarding. You will find that you are given a new level of responsibility, which starts as soon as you apply for the Sixth Form and grows once you enter it.

We like to offer our Sixth Formers more independence and encourage our students to be independent learners and to make sure that they, along with guidance and support from their teachers and form tutors, take responsibility for their own learning. We provide a personalised curriculum for our students and there are different paths that can be taken through Sixth Form. Whichever path a student takes whether it be the traditional three A Levels or another route, we have the same high expectations of each student and work hard to support her in achieving her potential.

Moreover, it is not only Belvedere’s academic results that make the Sixth Form one of the highest achieving all girls’ Sixth Forms in Liverpool but the vast array of Enrichment activities that are on offer. Our Enrichment programme is second to none and we run clubs such as Duke of Edinburgh to learning Chinese or doing some relaxing yoga to unwind! As expected, there are also academic Enrichments that will support you in your Level 3 studies and which run both at lunch time and after school. Some of our Sixth Formers even run their own Enrichments for the younger girls.

We value our Sixth Formers and especially welcome our students to mentor the younger girls and to provide them with inspirational role models of a real ‘Belvedere girl’. Many of our girls who apply for the Senior Student Leadership Team mention how they were influenced by the Sixth Formers when they themselves were in Year 7 and how they looked up to, respected and ultimately aspired to be a Belvedere Sixth Former.

Our Sixth Form is a happy one where girls strive to do their best and where success is celebrated. We do have high expectations of our students that they will try their best in everything that they do and that they will act as good role models for the younger students.

Maintaining Performance

Monitoring, tracking, assessment and mentoring

Academic progress is monitored rigorously by the Head of Sixth Form, Assistant Heads of Sixth Form, Form Tutors and Subject Leaders. At the beginning of term, all students will be given individual target grades, against which all work will be assessed. Subject Leaders closely supervise the academic progress of students using target grades and the academy tracking system. Students who are underachieving are identified by the academy tracking data and by Subject Leaders. Targeted students are then monitored closely by the Sixth Form Team as part of the Sixth Form Support Plan. Parents will be informed accordingly and invited to discuss their child’s progress with members of the Sixth Form Team.
Any students who are struggling to cope with the academic demands of A Level and/or BTECs, will be allocated a mentor to meet their specific, individual needs.


Financial Support

At Belvedere we appreciate that there will be extra costs associated with staying on to the Sixth Form. These will include books and equipment, uniforms and possibly increased travel costs if you are joining us from another school.

We aim to help students with these additional costs as far as possible by offering financial support via our bursary scheme, subsidised travel on the academy coach scheme and free school meals.

Sixth Form Bursaries

The academy receives bursary funding from the Department of Education to provide financial assistance to students who meet certain eligibility criteria. There are two types of bursary:-

  • Discretionary Bursaries

Students who are in receipt of free school meals or whose household income is less than £30,000 per annum are entitled to apply for a discretionary bursary. This can be used to pay a wide range of items including travel costs, meals, books and equipment, uniform costs, academy trips and the cost of university visits.

  • Vulnerable Student Bursaries

To be eligible for the vulnerable student bursary of up to £1,200 per annum, students must be in one of the following defined vulnerable groups:

· In care

· Care leavers

· In receipt of Income Support or Universal Credit in their own right

The application process for both types of bursary will be explained in detail during the Sixth Form induction week.

The Belvedere Academy Bursary Application Letter 23-24

The Belvedere Academy Bursary Application Form

Academy Coach Scheme

Belvedere operates its own coach service with two routes covering most of the Merseyside area. The academy subsidies the coach fares for Sixth Form students. This makes the cost of using the coach service comparable to the cost of public transport. Details of the routes and prices can be found within the academy website:

Free School Meals

Students who will be moving from Belvedere’s Year 11 to the Sixth Form and who are in receipt of free school meals will continue to receive free school meals.

Those students joining us from other schools who currently receive free school meals will continue to do so at Belvedere.

Further Information

If students or parents have any queries regarding the financial support that the academy may be able to offer, please contact the Finance Office for further information.



Be:Life Ready

The Be:Life Ready Personal Development Programme gives you the skills and knowledge to thrive and succeed beyond school. It is a key focus for us during your Sixth Form years. We want to leave as a well rounded young adult with flexible intellectual skills that will allow you to adapt to a rapidly changing world. Our 'Be:Life Ready programme’ runs throughout Years 12 and 13 and forms an important part of the curriculum. You will learn about a variety of topics from: 


Relationships and Sexual Health

Self Defence

Personal Safety

Positive wellbeing

Creating a positive digital footprint. 

The Sixth Team reviews the topics each year using student voice to make sure they are still relevant to our students. We bring in outside agencies and subject specialists for some sessions and other areas are covered during tutor time.


Sixth Form Enrichment

We offer a lot more than academic excellence. Our Sixth Formers work hard, enjoy life and celebrate their successes. At Belvedere, students are expected to develop their interests and abilities through many extensive opportunities including Enrichment (lunchtime and after school) and trips (including overseas). We encourage Sixth Formers to run their own Enrichments and all Sixth Formers can use the academy Fitness Suite free of charge.

There is an array of Enrichment activities on offer and just a few examples include:

Music (public performances included) - orchestra, chamber choir, choir

Drama Festival (Year 12 students direct and produce a play with a Lower School form. The standard is extremely high and competition is fierce! )

Sport (recreational and competitive) - volleyball, netball, trampolining, badminton, dance/cheerleading, bootcamp/fitness, table tennis, handball, cross country, football, rounders, tennis, and swimming.

Duke of Edinburgh

Film Club


Debate Society


Royal Navy Cadet Unit - CCF





Sixth Form Trips

We provide a range of trips to our Sixth Form students. Here are just a few of the many opportunities our students take advantage of.

New York, USA - Creative Arts and Media Trip

Iceland - Geography Trip

BRNC Dartmouth Residential - staying on HMS Hindustan and completing a variety of workshops - Combined Cadet Force

GDST Future Leaders Conference

Psychology Taster Day - LJMU - Psychology Trip

Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Drama Sixth Form Trip

Othello Workshop - Shakespeare Birthplace Centre, Stratford Upon Avon - English Literature Trip

MFL HOME Visit - Manchester Metropolitan University - MFL Trip

Rock and River - outdoor and adventurous activities and teambuilding - BTEC sport Trip

GDST Sports Rally - Various locations across the UK

Cadbury's world - Business and Economics Trip


New York 2019

Ski Trip 2020




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