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We encourage our students to become passionate and independent learners who develop a love for design and creativity. Our aim is to ensure students gain a  broad experience of the Textiles world and develop their imagination to foster creativity and promote personal and social development. We aim to nurture their enthusiasm for Textiles through a broad introductory foundation programme of decorative techniques, fabric manipulation, use of specialised equipment and a vast range of component and fabric knowledge. During Lower School and Year 9, the Textiles Department aims to get those creative juices flowing with a range of exciting, imaginative projects that allows them to build their skill set and attitude towards independent learning and reflection. These skills will be introduced through a greater understanding of the formal elements of Textiles, building on the ethos of independent thought, creative risk taking and personal development within the Textiles classroom. Our programme of study aims to help students build creative and practical skills, sampling a wide variety of techniques to produce innovative outcomes for the themes which span across all four Creative Art subjects.

The Department

The Textiles department is always a hive of creative activity; normally with Mrs Calderbank running around covered in threads and dye, trying to find that ‘perfect’ strip of fabric that she has put down somewhere amongst the organised chaos!  With two highly skilled members in the department we fit together somewhat like an awkward jigsaw puzzle! Mrs Jecks brings a touch of outstanding artistic ability to the department and helps the students perfect their drawings and artistic annotation, whereas Mrs Calderbank challenges the students with a range of fashion, interior and 3D creative construction skills, sometimes of a university standard. What we do both have in common, is that we love to challenge the students to really push themselves and realise their potential. We believe that honesty is the best policy and students learn from the start that they can always count on us for constructive, critical feedback, which they always appreciate. The highlight in our year is the Creative Arts Exhibition where students get to showcase their fabulous work.

Course organisation

Across the Creative Arts curriculum all students will study four main subject areas in Lower School in 8 week carousel sessions. 

In Year 7 students will be taught Art, Food and Textiles, with a creative project focussing on, ‘About Me’. In Year 8 students will be taught Art, Food, Graphics and Textiles, with a project concentrating on ‘Colour’ and how to apply it practically. Finally, in Year 9, students will be taught Art, Food and Textiles and will be studying ‘Culture and Diversity’ in design.


Year 7 

‘About Me’ Wall Hanging

Year 8

‘Colourful Cells’ Planner Cover

Year 9

‘Culture & Diversity’ Stationery 


Creative Foundation Project, 60%personal coursework task and 40% exam


Body Adornment Foundation Project, 60% personal coursework task and 40% exam


Learning the basics of Fashion Design

Draping on the stand and flat pattern cutting

Personal project guidance

Creative Career talks


The Tate 

Graduate Design show Manchester

Creative Arts and Media New York Trip


Mrs L.Calderbank  - Curriculum Leader of Creative and Performing Arts and Head of Textiles 

Mrs P.Jecks - Teacher of Art and Textiles

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