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More about the GDST

The Belvedere Academy

The Academy Day

The academy is open for pupils to arrive from 7.30am each morning and remains open for pupils to stay on site until 5pm (47.5 hours).

All pupils must be on site by 8.30am with morning registration starting at 8.35am.  The school day ends at 3.05pm (32.5 hours).

Form Time and Assemblies

Creating a sense of belonging and community is one of our top priorities and one way that we do this is by holding regular assemblies.  There is a weekly assembly for each year group led by either the relevant Head of Year, by a member of the Senior Leadership Team or by Mrs Taylor.

On the days where there is not an assembly, the pupils spend time with their form teacher or have enrichment.  We place high emphasis on the quality of the planning for form time and appreciate that this regular contact with the form teacher is essential.  The pupils follow well-planned activities including study skills, emotional well-being and careers information. The pupils will also spend time in form each day covering administration such as planner and uniform checks and going through the bulletin.

In addition, every day starts with a ten-minute registration session and "check in" with the form tutor. This is an opportunity to meet and greet our pupils and ensure everyone is ready to learn. Uniform and equipment will be checked and any notices or reminders given to the pupils. Form tutors are also there to answer any questions and help the pupils manage any concerns they may have or celebrate any successes - large or small!


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