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Welcome from the Head of Sixth Form

Head of Sxith Form

Welcome to Belvedere Sixth Form. I am delighted that you have chosen to find out more about us and I hope that the information we provide helps you to understand our high expectations and gives you a little flavour of Sixth Form life. Some of you reading this will have joined Belvedere in Year 7, and some will be completely new to the academy and eager to find out what we offer. If you are on this page, a great start, as you will recognise the importance of an excellent post-16 education and the vast benefits it will bring to you over the next two years and beyond. I believe that is the most exciting time for you as you exercise increasing freedom and independence in your education. Exciting times ahead! 

I want you to consider your decision to apply or transition to Belvedere Sixth Form carefully. In order to do so, you must consider what we do and see if our idea of the perfect Sixth Form experience aligns with yours. To ensure we provide a vibrant Sixth Form experience, we offer a broad curriculum of 28 A Level and BTEC subjects to a dynamic group of up to 290 students, ensuring a Sixth Form that inspires learning, cultivates curiosity and enriches the lives of our learners. Such a wide range of subjects means that our students are able to choose subjects that perfectly match their needs.  I like to think that we provide a Sixth Form experience that is a little different from others - something a bit special! 

We encourage applications from both current and newcomers from other schools who share our values and learning philosophy. I want our students to leave Belvedere Sixth Form with an exceptional set of qualifications. There is little doubt that you will do so as we consistently rank in the top three highest attaining Sixth Forms in Liverpool and we are the top performing all girls’ Sixth Form in the city. But, and a huge but, a successful Sixth Form is not just about academic success. It is about so much more. An outstanding Sixth Form should be an ambitious and supportive environment where you will be encouraged to have high aspirations both academically, and on a personal level, whilst being supported with quality pastoral care to ensure you have the right support every step of the way.  On joining, you will be welcomed with a strong sense of community, underpinned by our warm, personalised and student-centred approach. During your time here you will develop your leadership skills, build your confidence and find a voice. You will be a role model for the younger students and a good friend to your peers. You will leave as a well-rounded young adult with flexible intellectual skills that will allow you to adapt to a rapidly changing world. 

Our students are bright, articulate and ambitious. Making the right choices ensures that students can match their ambitions. Choosing the right pathway, getting actively involved in the Aspire Award and participating in the Be:Life Ready programme ensures that we prepare our Sixth Formers for future success and happiness. We look forward to working with you to make sure that your time in the Belvedere Sixth Form is successful, rewarding and enjoyable. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us – we are always happy to discuss our provision with students and their families.

Mr Mason
Head of Sixth Form


Meet the Sixth Form Team

We believe in team work in Sixth Form and therefore have a wide management team to ensure the needs of every student can be met.

Mr S Mason, Head of Sixth Form

Mr Mason is Head of Sixth Form. He is in charge of the day-to-day running of the Sixth Form and tracking progress to ensure that every student achieves as highly as possible.

"I love the vibrant atmosphere in Belvedere Sixth Form. No two days are ever the same and there is always an event or opportunity for students and staff to get involved with. I love when our Sixth Formers get fully absorbed in Sixth Form life. They can gain so much from their two years here and there is no better feeling than when our students finish having secured their next steps; leaving with the ambition and skills needed to make a valuable contribution to society”

Mr N Blair, Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Mr Blair is Assistant Head of Sixth Form and school Aspirations Lead. He supports Mr Mason in the day-to-day running of the Sixth Form and tracks progress, attendance and punctuality.

“There is something truly special about working at Belvedere Sixth Form. Pupils and visitors tell us there is a unique buzz about the place, where our students and staff strive to do their best in a community rooted in mutual respect and celebrating success. I particularly enjoy my work with the Aspire Liverpool programme, supporting students who apply for Oxbridge and other competitive courses. At such a crucial time in their educational journey, our Sixth Formers feel nourished, purposeful and fulfilled during their two years here.” 

Miss E Wood, Assistant Head of Sixth Form 

Miss Wood is Assistant Head of Sixth Form. She supports Mr Mason in the day-to-day running of Sixth Form.

"I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to work alongside our unique and talented Sixth Form students. At Belvedere Sixth Form, there is a real sense of community centered in success and personal development. What makes Belvedere uniquely special is the wide variety of extracurricular activities for students to get involved in to aid them in their development of leadership skills. I particularly enjoy developing our Be: Life Ready curriculum, which is a PSHE centered enrichment that runs throughout Year 12 and 13 and aims to prepare our students for life in the wider world. "


Mrs S Carter, Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Mrs Carter is the Assistant Head of Sixth Form and is based in the Sixth Form Office. She offers support and guidance to students to help them to overcome any barriers to their learning.

“You will very quickly find, that life in Belvedere Sixth Form is all about you. As your learning mentor, I am here, to support you through whatever is stopping you from learning. Never forget, you are the most important person in our Sixth Form and I am always here for you, so that you can leave knowing have achieved the best you can during your time here. I will work with you to ensure you are prepared for life after Belvedere, and encourage you to be the best that you can be!” 

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